Put frequently used Mac Mail folders and Mailboxes into Favorites Bar for easy access

Put frequently-needed Mail folders into the favortites bar at the top of the Mail window. Quick and easy access. You'll use these a lot.

Get audible feedback when you adjust the Mac’s volume from the keyboard

Do you miss hearing the volume get louder and softer as you tap "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons? I did too. Here's how to get that back.

Minimize a Mac window by double-clicking its title bar

Minimize a window with a simple double-click in the title bar. It's easier to click the title bar twice than to click the yellow button once, because the target is so much bigger.

Close, minimize, or zoom Mac windows in slow motion

Hold the Shift key down while clicking the red, yellow, or green button in a Mac window's title bar to see the effect in slow motion. Very beautiful and fun.

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