Use Dictation instead of typing

Did you know your Mac can do dictation? Starting with OS 10.8, it can. Go to the Apple menu, then System Preferences, then Dictation & Speech. The directions are right there in the preference pane. See below.

Dictation & Speech preference pane
Dictation & Speech preference pane

You can dictate in just about any program that lets you type: Mail, Word, Pages, Safari (try searching Google by saying what you want to search for). If you’re a lousy typist the Dictation feature is your dream come true. Even if you’re a great typist Dictation is a real asset. Try try try it!

Hint: tap the shortcut key twice to make the Mac start listening. Tap it ONCE to make it stop, when you’re done talking.

This is a LOT like the┬áiPhone’s dictation feature and it works just as well. Read about that on my iPhone in a Minute blog by clicking here.

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