How to print an ePub document on a Mac

You can't print an ePub (Books) document. But you can convert it to a PDF, and then you can print that. Use the free Calibre app, right on your Mac (not some sketchy online service).

How to delete– or forward– part of a Messages conversation on the Mac

Delete part of a Messages conversation on your Mac and keep the rest of the conversation intact. Delete bad photos & those accidental swear words.

How to temporarily turn off all Notifications on a Mac

Notifications are great, until you're giving a presentation, watching video full-screen, or trying to focus on your work. Here's how to turn them off quickly.

How to find the pictures you’re looking for with the Mac Photos app’s Search feature

Quickly find the images you want using the Search feature in Photos. You don't have to name your photos or put them in albums to make this work. It's magic!

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