Reveal advanced features in the Calculator

You know about the Mac's Calculator app. (You don't? Look in the Applications folder.) But, did you know that the Calculator can do all sorts of fancy stuff, like sines and cosines and exponents and factorials and random numbers and square roots? Just click the green button (the one you'd click to zoom in other apps,... Continue Reading →

Customize the Share button

You've seen the Share button (square with an up-pointing arrow) before. It's the one that lets you share a web page from Safari, or a vCard from Contacts, or a file from the Finder. "Sharing" can mean a variety of things (email it, post it to Facebook or Twitter, add it to Photos, send it via Messages,... Continue Reading →

Save Time with Smart Groups in Contacts

Everyone knows you can search the Contacts. The problem is, when you do, you don't get to specify where (that is, which field) to search for what you're looking for. Plus, you can't look for two things at once. Examples: 1. Suppose you want to find everyone in your Contacts whose phone number has a 512 area... Continue Reading →

Hold Command key to see file path in Spotlight

If you do a Spotlight search in Yosemite, and then you click on one of the things you found, but now you wonder where that thing is on your hard disk, just press and hold the ⌘-key and look at the bottom right of the Spotlight window. See the picture here.

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