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Today I had to email an AppleScript to someone. The usual routine (the one most people follow) is this:

  1. Open Mail
  2. Create new mail message
  3. Click the paperclip (to attach the file)
  4. Rummage around in the box that comes up, trying to find the file to attach
  5. (Optional) Give up

Here’s how I do it.

  1. Click once on the file (that is, don’t bother opening Mail yet)
  2. Click the “Share” button in the Finder window’s toolbar. See below. (If you wonder how I got the names under the buttons, check out this blog post and also this one.)

Share button

3. Choose “Mail” from the menu that drops down when you click the Share button. Mail will launch, if it’s not already running, and a new message will be created… with the desired file already attached. Nice.


Want some more, longer how-tos?

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