How to Open winmail.dat Files on a Mac

Sometimes you get an email with an attachment called "winmail.dat." You're never able to open it-- unless you use Josh Jacobs' excellent "TNEF's Enough" program. It's available on the Mac App Store for free via this link. Easiest way to use it: put TNEF's Enough into your Dock, then drag winmail.dat files from your email... Continue Reading →

Activate 1Password from the Keyboard

1Password is the best password manager for the Mac. (It synchronizes with the iPhone and iPad too, so your passwords are always up to date.) Most people access their passwords by clicking the 1Password button on the toolbar in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, but that's the slow way to go. The fast way: Command-\. This... Continue Reading →

How to find your email server settings

You need to know your incoming and outgoing mail server settings when you're setting up an email program. Apple provides a look-up website that will tell you what the settings are for your particular email address. They do not save your email address (and you could use a phony one anyway-- if your real email... Continue Reading →

How to make things bigger in Safari

You can enlarge things three ways in Safari: Click the "Zoom In" button in the toolbar (if you've added it to your toolbar) Choose "Zoom In" from the View menu Use the keyboard shortcut ⌘+ (Command-plus) I like #3. ⌘- (Command-minus) will make things smaller again.

Your Mac has a Dictionary

Macs come with a Dictionary app. It's very handy. Find it in the Applications folder. When you launch it, you get this (you will, that is, if you type "sleep" into the search box): EVERY word in the Dictionary is clickable! I mean "every"-- and that includes words in the definitions! So try clicking. Also,... Continue Reading →

Enable Zooming on your Mac

You can zoom in and out on your Mac, making tiny type easy to read. Turning the feature on is a two-stepper: 1. Apple Menu/System Preferences/Accessibility 2. Click on Zoom, then check the box. Now all you have to do is hold the Control key down while doing whatever it is you do to scroll... Continue Reading →

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