Figure Out Your Passwords via Safari’s Preferences on a Mac

You’ve probably noticed Safari filling in your username and password on certain sites. That happens because you told Safari to remember your username and password for that site, probably a long time ago. And now you don’t remember the password and Safari shows it as bullets, like so:

Amazon login-- password disguised as bullets
Amazon login

Those bullets are not very helpful if for some reason you need to know what that password is.

Turns out there is a way to figure out what those bullets stand for.

1. Go to Safari/Preferences… and go to Passwords (across the top). At first, it looks like this:

Safari locked passwords
Safari locked passwords

Apple keeps these passwords locked. You can unlock them using your user password. This is your main, unlock-the-Mac password. After you enter that password successfully you will see a big list of saved passwords.

Safari unlocked passwords
Safari unlocked passwords

2. Click on the password (or passwords– ⌘-click) you’re interested in.

Voilà! The password appears. No, I’m not going to show you mine. But here’s a blurred-out one.

Safari Passwords in Safari preferences
Safari Passwords in Safari preferences

In this way, you can see a list of the passwords you’ve saved over the years. It is easier to look a password up in Safari’s preferences than it is to reset it.

Even if you aren’t using Safari anymore, maybe you saved the password in it when you did. So take a look.

Note: this is for Safari 12.1.1. Other versions of Safari have handled this slightly differently. Chrome and Firefox also save passwords and you can look them up in a similar manner.

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