Two Shortcuts for Photos in Mojave

The Photos app in macOS 10.14 (Mojave) changes the keyboard shortcut for toggling between a zoomed-in view and the thumbnails. It used to be Spacebar-- tap spacebar to pop open a selected thumbnail, tap it again to go back to the thumbnails. Spacebar doesn't do it anymore. Now you use the Return key. In practice... Continue Reading →

Three tips for Messages on the Mac

The Messages app on the Mac is awesome. Use these tips and make it even better. Tip #1: on your Mac, double-click a conversation in Messages' left-hand pane. That opens the conversation in its own window. That way, you can keep key conversations in view. Tip #2: on your Mac, try dragging a picture from... Continue Reading →

Better way to resize windows

You know about holding the Option key down when you click on the green "zoom" button in a window's title bar. There's something better than that. It's "Moom." When you hover over the green zoom button with Moom installed you see this: With Moom, when you want to make a window full-screen (ANY window-- Safari,... Continue Reading →

Is iCloud up, or not?

Apple has a web page showing the status of iCloud services such as iCloud Backups, iCloud Contacts synching, iCloud Calendar synching, and so on. If something "cloudy" isn't working for you, maybe it's not you! Maybe iCloud is down. See the current iCloud services status by clicking here. Bonus: you'll see a lot more than... Continue Reading →

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