How to make Evernote stop opening every time you start your Mac

Updated August 5th, 2019.

I noticed Evernote was opening every time I started my Mac, and I wanted it to stop. I checked the Login Items (Apple menu, System Preferences, Users & Groups, Login Items) but Evernote wasn’t there.

Users & Groups/Login Items showing Evernote is not in the list (picture 1 of 2)
Login Items: Evernote is not in the list (figure 1 of 2)
Users & Groups/Login Items showing Evernote is not in the list (picture 2 of 2)
Login Items: Evernote is not in the list (figure 2 of 2)

Then I clicked and held on the Evernote icon in the Dock, showing the Options. Open at Login was not checked!

Evernote in the Dock with Options menu showing
Evernote in the Dock with Options menu showing– “Open at Login” not checked!

I even went to the StartupItems folders in the Library folder and in the System folder’s Library folder. Nothing there said Evernote. Yet Evernote started up every time I started my Mac.

Then I had the idea of looking in Evernote’s Preferences, and in there I found it: a checkbox next to “Open Evernote when I log in to my computer.”

Screenshot: Evernote Preferences

I unchecked it, and from that point on, Evernote only launched when I wanted it to. Problem solved.

Note: it shouldn’t work this way. Apple’s standard “Open at Login” method (list the app in Login Items in Users & Groups) is well-established, almost every app respects it (except for Spotify, which I wrote about separately) and Evernote should make use of it. Instead, Evernote’s programmers created their own “Open at Login” method that doesn’t follow the rules, needlessly injecting confusion. One of the joys of using a Mac is consistency, and when a program does things its own way– to no advantage– it shows a lack of understanding of what makes the Mac special. Come on, Evernote. Get with the program.

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