How to Keep the Mac’s Photos App from Launching When You Connect Your iPhone

If Photos launches every time you connect your iPhone via the USB charging cable, and if you don't want it to, this is the tip for you.

Make the Mac’s green zoom buttons work the way you expect them to

The green "Zoom Window" button used to toggle the size of the window. Now it goes full-screen and hides the menu bar. Here's how to fix that.

How to delete a file from the Mac immediately, without having to empty the Trash

Save a few seconds by putting something into the Trash and having it automatically delete, without you having to choose "Empty Trash..."

Block phishing and adult sites from your home’s network with one easy change

You can protect your home network from phishing and adult sites with one easy change. As a bonus your web browsing will speed up too. And it's free.

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