How to Add Color to Finder Sidebar

Apple changed the Finder's appearance to 50 shades of grey way ahead of the movie. You've probably gotten used to it, but the Finder's nicer in color. Download the free XtraFinder, set its preferences to "Show colorful icons in the sidebar," and you're all set. XtraFinder can do a whole lot more too-- experiment! Its icon is in the... Continue Reading →

Undo accidental “Move to Trash”

You know that ⌘-Delete will send a file or folder to the Trash. But what if you want to put the thing back? If you act quickly, you can go to the Edit menu and do "Undo Move" (or ⌘-Z). If you don't move quickly, just go to the Trash, click on the file or folder, then go... Continue Reading →

Go to the Desktop with ⌘-Shift-D

When saving a file, and you want to put it onto the Desktop but you're looking at some other folder, press ⌘-Shift-D and you'll go straight to the Desktop. Also, when you're in the Finder, and looking at a Finder window, and you want to see the stuff behind it (on the Desktop), don't bother with shoving... Continue Reading →

Find more stuff in Recent Items

You know about Recent Items, under the Apple menu, yes? It tracks Applications, Documents, and Servers-- typically, and by default, it tracks the most recent ten of each. When you're looking for a recently-used app, document, or server, the Recent Items menu can be a big time-saver. But, since it only remembers the last ten... Continue Reading →

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Actually, it's easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. And what is it that's so easy? Switching between the Finder's four views, that's what. Open a Finder window and try: all it takes is ⌘-1, ⌘-2, ⌘-3, and ⌘-4. Below: one window, four ways. (Click a thumbnail to start the slide show.)  The View is a window-by-window setting, so if you want... Continue Reading →

Easy way to show your Library folder

Used to be, your Home folder showed folders labeled Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music, Desktop, Public, and Library. (This is "your" Library, the so-called "user Library. There are others but this is the one we're talking about now.) Your user Library is full of very important stuff that shouldn't be messed with unless you know what... Continue Reading →

How to find stuff on the Desktop

Some people put everything on the Desktop. That's an easy way to file things but it's not so easy when it's time to find them-- unless you know that clicking on some bare piece of the Desktop, and then typing the first letter of of the thing you're looking for, will jump you to the first... Continue Reading →

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