Quickly neaten your Desktop using Stacks

Updated April 4th, 2020.

Finder Month officially ended with the turning of the calendar, but the Stacks feature is so useful that I thought I’d sneak this article in under the same “Finder Month” heading. Next month: it’s all about Mail.

Does your Desktop look like this? Mine does… or it did, before I started using Stacks.

Typical messy Desktop
Typical messy Desktop

What a difference (see below). And it only takes one click!

Stacked Desktop-- nice and neat!
Stacked Desktop– nice and neat!

The Stacks feature was introduced in macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and it is also present in macOS 10.15 (Catalina). In my opinion, it’s the most useful new feature in Mojave (or Catalina), by far.

Watch this video and learn how to use Stacks. Also learn about changing the way Stacks works, to suit your own needs.

Stacks demonstration movie– make it full screen to see details

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