System Preferences has a Search box

Sometimes one can have trouble finding things in System Preferences. Maybe you're a PC user and not used to the Mac's terminology. Or maybe you're just not sure where to look. Fortunately, the top right corner of the System Preferences window has a Search box in it, and you can simply type in what you're... Continue Reading →

Preview your screen saver choices

When you make a change to the Screen Saver options in System Preferences you'd naturally like to test things. Problem is, there's no Preview button... unless you know how to make it show up. The trick is you have to move the mouse over the box that looks like a little screen. When you do that,... Continue Reading →

Stuff the cat did: toggled VoiceOver

If your Mac starts talking out loud, telling you which menu you've clicked on and which button is under your mouse, maybe the cat sat on the keyboard and pressed ⌘-F5. Try it yourself: press ⌘-F5 once to toggle it on, and do it again to toggle it off. For some reason, cats seem to be able... Continue Reading →

Bring back the scroll bars

For some reason, starting in Mac OS 10.7 the scroll bars don't show up. At least not until you mouse over them. That's just silly. Here's how you get them back. Apple Menu/System Preferences/General/"Show scroll bars: Always" See below.

Set priority for WiFi networks

I'll bet you've accidentally connected to the wrong WiFi network a few times. Maybe it's your neighbor's unsecured network, maybe it's something else. Avoid this problem by manually giving the networks you want to join top priority. First, go to Apple Menu/System Preferences/Network. Then, click on WiFi in the left-hand pane Then the Advanced... button.... Continue Reading →

How to Add Color to Finder Sidebar

Apple changed the Finder's appearance to 50 shades of grey way ahead of the movie. You've probably gotten used to it, but the Finder's nicer in color. Download the free XtraFinder, set its preferences to "Show colorful icons in the sidebar," and you're all set. XtraFinder can do a whole lot more too-- experiment! Its icon is in the... Continue Reading →

How to zoom in and out on your Mac

You can zoom in and out on your Mac's screen easily but you have to set it up first. Go to System Preferences, then Accessibility, then Zoom. Check the box to "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom." You can choose the modifier key (I chose "Control"). Then, hold that key down and use... Continue Reading →

Trackpad users: try “tap to click”

Try going to System Preferences/Trackpad/Point & Click and checking the box for Tap to click. It saves wear and tear on your clicking finger. Try it and see. It's a one-finger tap-- remember that. Pressing down on the trackpad, the old-fashioned way, will still work, even with Tap to Click checked, so you get it both... Continue Reading →

⌘-Spacebar to bring up Spotlight

If you want to use Spotlight to search for something, don't bother clicking on the magnifying glass at top right. Just press ⌘-Spacebar and Spotlight pops right up. If it doesn't, go to Apple menu/System Preferences/Spotlight and make sure the preferences are set that way. See below: (Thanks, Rick, for pointing out that the preferences... Continue Reading →

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