How to find your email server settings

You need to know your incoming and outgoing mail server settings when you're setting up an email program. Apple provides a look-up website that will tell you what the settings are for your particular email address. They do not save your email address (and you could use a phony one anyway-- if your real email... Continue Reading →

Enable Zooming on your Mac

You can zoom in and out on your Mac, making tiny type easy to read. Turning the feature on is a two-stepper: 1. Apple Menu/System Preferences/Accessibility 2. Click on Zoom, then check the box. Now all you have to do is hold the Control key down while doing whatever it is you do to scroll... Continue Reading →

Customize the Share button

You've seen the Share button (square with an up-pointing arrow) before. It's the one that lets you share a web page from Safari, or a vCard from Contacts, or a file from the Finder. "Sharing" can mean a variety of things (email it, post it to Facebook or Twitter, add it to Photos, send it via Messages,... Continue Reading →

How to name your Mac

Your Mac has a name. It shows up on other computers when they are on the same network as your, and it shows up various places on your own machine. It's nice if the name is something other than "Macintosh (3)" so here's how you make the name be anything you want. Just go to the... Continue Reading →

How to find Software Update options

In Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite), the options for software updates are in System Preferences/App Store. In Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), the options for software updates are in System Preferences/Software Update. Either way, that might not be where you'd expect to find them. And the settings are worth looking at. See below.

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