Mac Safari Secrets: how to reload a stubborn web page

Updated June 12th, 2019.

Sometimes a web page doesn’t load properly. In that case, you need to “reload” it. In Safari on the Mac, you can reload a web page by clicking the reload button (the curvy arrow in the address bar), as shown below.

Safari reload button
Safari reload button

But did you know…

1. If you click and hold the reload button, you get a menu with choices, as shown below…

Safari's Reload menu
Safari’s Reload menu

The options might come in handy for when a page just won’t load properly. Some need to be allowed to pop up a window. Some require plug-ins, like Adobe’s Flash. If a regular reload doesn’t give you the results you want, try the other two options in the menu.

2. You can do it from the from the View menu or via the keyboard shortcut Command-R.

Safari View menu
Safari View menu

3. You can hold the Option key down while you do Command-R (or, while you click the reload button) to force Safari to reload the page by going back to the server rather than just re-rendering what it already downloaded.

Safari Reload Page from Origin
Safari Reload Page from Origin

4. You can choose to reload the page while over-riding content blockers, or while using plug-ins from the View menu (same as the pop-up menu you get when clicking and holding on the Reload button in the address bar).

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