⌘-B for bold

⌘-B makes selected text bold in many programs, including Mail, Pages, Microsoft Word, and InDesign. It's one of the standard shortcuts. If the text is already bold it will probably become "unbold" if you press ⌘-B again. You should try it.

⌘-P, then Enter

You probably already know that ⌘-P brings up the Print dialog box. You probably also already know that pressing Enter (or Return) on the keyboard is the same as clicking the Print button (because it's the default button, indicated by being blue). But maybe you didn't know that you don't have to wait for the... Continue Reading →

How to Type the Apple Logo 

Shift-Option-K, pressed all at once, produces the Apple logo (). It works in most programs, with most fonts. Certainly works in Mail and Pages and Word. It's just another character, so feel free to make it larger, change its color, etc. For example: 

⌘-I for Italics

⌘-I toggles italics on and off. Works almost everywhere. Highlight some text, hit ⌘-I, and the text becomes italicized-- unless it was already italicized. In that case, the italicizing is removed. Of course you can hit ⌘-I before typing something. If you do that, whatever you type after that is italicized, until you either hit... Continue Reading →

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