Signatures inside original Macintosh case

Updated July 25th, 2019.

The original Macintosh team’s signatures are engraved in the plastic of the original Macintosh’s case. The idea (according to Steve Jobs) was that since the original Macintosh was art and artists sign their work, the original Macintosh team should sign theirs. So they did. The signatures are inside the case, seen by very few people… but they are there. I have a Mac Plus, which was the third iteration of the original Mac, and the signatures are present there too. I should take a picture.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture from

Signatures of Mac team inside original Macintosh case.
Thanks to for this picture.

You can read all about it at Warning: you can lose an entire morning on that site. It’s that much fun.

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  1. I bought an old Power Macintosh 9500 for like $20 a few years ago from a public access TV station, and I discovered that it has signatures built into the inside of the plastic too.
    (Not the outer plastic covering; more like some of the plastic in the center of the inside of the case, like where hard drives or fans were).

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