The Mac’s Help menu shows you where menu items are

In many apps, if you use the Help menu to search for something, and you see what you’re looking for in the section called “Menu Items,” hovering the mouse over the menu items will show you where in the menus to look.

For example, search for “Print” in Help, then move the mouse over the word Print in the list of search results. Don’t click– just hover.

Searching in Text Edit's Help menu
Searching for “Print” in Text Edit’s Help box

The File menu will fall down, and a big blue arrow will point to the Print… command in it. Yes, the arrow will really appear on your screen! I didn’t draw that in.

File menu, showing Print... being highlighted by floating blue arrow
File menu, showing Print… being highlighted by floating blue arrow

Note: you can access the Help menu, and jump right into the Help menu’s search box, using a keyboard shortcut. Check it out.

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