Easy way to correct spelling errors

Most Mac programs mark misspelled words with a dotted red underline, like this:

squiggly red line
A misspelled word

If you hold the Control key down and click on a dotted-red-underline word, you’ll get a contextual menu, like so:

contextual menu
Contextual menu, obtained via Control-click on the red-underlined word

You’ll see possible corrections at the top of the menu. Choose the one you want and you’re done. This is a million times easier than running the spelling checker.

Bonus: if the word you’ve misspelled is plural, the choices are plural too. Look:

plural mistake
A plural misspelled word

Control-clicking on that misspelled word produces this menu:

plural corrections
Contextual menu, showing plurals

Pretty neat.

This works in Word, Pages, Mail, and just about everywhere else. Try it!

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