Don’t install the software that came with your printer

Setting up a new printer for most people goes like this:

  1. Take printer out of box
  2. Pull off all the packing tape
  3. Insert the CD that came with the printer and install the software

I suggest skipping Step 3. Apple will recognize the new printer automatically and install the right software (which will often be newer than the stuff on the CD). All you have to do is go to File/Print… (doesn’t matter what you’re trying to print), then click on the menu next to Printer (see below), and then slide way down to “Nearby Printers.”


“Nearby Printers” will show your new printer in most cases. Definitely it will show your new printer if it’s connected to your Mac with USB. Choose your printer from the menu and let Apple download software and install. Super easy.

If your printer is a networked printer (Ethernet or WiFi) better consult the manual that came with it.

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