⌘-click to open links in new tabs in Mac browsers

When browsing web pages it’s super-efficient to open each link into its own tab rather than loading it into the window you’re using. It’s easy to do: just hold the ⌘ key while clicking the link.

When you do it that way, the linked page loads in the background while you remain on the page you were on. This is especially useful when doing Google searches as you can quickly skim the search results and ⌘-click the items that look promising, without leaving Google. Later, you can click each tab to bring it forward.

Try it on this big list of blog posts:

Complete List of Blog Posts

When you see the list, hold the Command key while clicking the links. This works whether you’re in Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

Safari, tabbed pages
Safari, tabbed pages
Firefox, tabbed pages
Firefox, tabbed pages
Chrome, tabbed pages
Chrome, tabbed pages

Here’s how it looks in Chrome. It’s very similar in Safari and in Firefox.

You might have to visit the preferences for your browser. Look for something like this (Safari’s preferences shown here):

Safari’s Tab preferences

Notice that Command-Option-click (⌘-⌥-click), in Safari, opens the clicked link in its own tab, and brings that tab forward. If that’s what you want, now you know how to do it. In Chrome and in Firefox, it’s Command-Shift-click (⌘-Shift-click).

Nothing to it.

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