Organize your passwords and be more secure

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Passwords are part of the landscape, whether you’re using a Mac or an iPhone or whatever. You need them to log into websites, you need them to sign into iCloud, you need them for Gmail, you need them for Facebook. (You also need user names. Don’t forget about user names.)

Passwords aren’t going away anytime soon so let’s get organized. The best way to organize your passwords is with the excellent 1Password password manager (direct link)– also available for your iPhone (direct link) and iPad (direct link). 1Password will remember your passwords, and supply them when you are logging into websites. Super-handy.

The Mac version will sync with the iPhone and iPad versions, so if you have a Mac and an iPhone and an iPad (attention: Mom!) each device will always have the up-to-date password list. I recommend you watch this introductory video from the 1Password people. Contact me if you have questions after that.

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