How to type an accent

This one's easy. If you want to type an accent, it's a two-stepper: Hold the Option key down and type the "e." Note: it will appear that nothing happens. Let go of the Option key and type the "e" again. Voilá! As you might guess by my "voilá," you can actually type any vowel in Step... Continue Reading →

Secret decoder ring for keyboard shortcuts

Many menu items have keyboard shortcuts, and most of them are listed to the right of the menu item itself, as seen below. Some of those symbols aren't so easy to decipher. That's why I'm giving you this cheat-sheet, explaining what the codes mean. Armed with this cheat-sheet you can figure out that Close All Windows... Continue Reading →

Get your Save As… back

If you miss your old friend Save As… and can't figure out what Duplicate does you will like knowing that when you hold the Option key, Duplicate changes to Save As… I use it all the time.

Check your Mac laptop’s battery condition

Click on the battery status icon in the menubar and you see something like this: Hold the Option key down before clicking on the battery status icon and you get this: You can select "Condition: Normal" (or whatever it says there for you) and learn more about what "Condition" really means. Batteries can only be... Continue Reading →

Get System Information with a single click

You probably know that going to the Apple menu and choosing "About This Mac" gives you a little window with a bit of information about your computer. You'll find a button in that window that gives you more info (in fact, in some systems the button is labeled "More Info..."). If you hold the Option key when... Continue Reading →

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