Get dimensions of images via Get Info

It's useful to know the dimensions of an image (in pixels). For a given picture, more pixels generally means higher quality, higher resolution, and an ability to be printed larger without looking all pixelated. Almost every graphics program has a way of showing you an image's dimensions but you can find that info without even... Continue Reading →

Toggle between normal view and inverted view

This one is courtesy of my friend Andrea, whose cat manages to press the wrong keys when it steps on the keyboard. There's an option to invert the screen on a Mac (as shown above). You can invert the screen by going to the Apple menu, then System Preferences, then Accessibility (unless you have an older system, in... Continue Reading →

Stuff the cat did: toggled VoiceOver

If your Mac starts talking out loud, telling you which menu you've clicked on and which button is under your mouse, maybe the cat sat on the keyboard and pressed ⌘-F5. Try it yourself: press ⌘-F5 once to toggle it on, and do it again to toggle it off. For some reason, cats seem to be able... Continue Reading →

Hold Command key to see file path in Spotlight

If you do a Spotlight search in Yosemite, and then you click on one of the things you found, but now you wonder where that thing is on your hard disk, just press and hold the ⌘-key and look at the bottom right of the Spotlight window. See the picture here.

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