Quickly see your reply to an email

Apple’s Mail app indicates which messages you’ve replied to using a tiny curvy arrow icon next to the message, like so:

The Mac’s Mail app, showing messages I’ve replied to. Click to enlarge

In the picture above, the red arrows point to tiny little curvy arrows for the messages I’ve replied to. Zoomed in, that icon looks like this:

The Reply indicator

It’s one thing to know you replied to an email. It’s quite another to know what you said! And, it turns out all you have to do is CLICK THE ARROW and your reply pops right up. Like so:

Click the Reply arrow to see the reply.

One little click does it all. Give it a try!

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    1. macman2015 – California and Texas – Christian Boyce is a Mac and iPhone consultant with offices in Southern California and Central Texas. He specializes in helping people get more out of their Apple devices and software.
      Christian Boyce says:

      Interesting– it still works for me in Big Sur. 11.1. Hmmm.

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