Better way to resize windows

You know about holding the Option key down when you click on the green “zoom” button in a window’s title bar. There’s something better than that. It’s “Moom.”

When you hover over the green zoom button with Moom installed you see this:


With Moom, when you want to make a window full-screen (ANY window— Safari, Mail, Word, Pages, whatever), you hover over the green button, let Moom’s menu slide down, and then click on the first button. If you want a window to take exactly the left half of the screen, you click the second button. Right half: third button. Top half: fourth button. Bottom half: fifth button. Plenty of options and keyboard shortcuts for those who want them.

Moom makes resizing and relocating windows a one-click move (or a keyboard shortcut– I make a window full-screen with Control-Option-F). Can’t get faster than that.

Get it at the App Store.
Get Moom at the App Store

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