How to solve a tricky “can’t log in” problem in Safari

If you can’t sign into web pages using Safari it might be because your cookie preferences are set incorrectly. Some website sign-in pages won’t work unless cookies are enabled, so go to Safari/Preferences…, click on the Privacy button, and make sure you are NOT blocking all cookies.

(People tend to think that turning cookies off is “better” but this is not necessarily the case. The best option for you is to allow cookies from sites you visit.)

Here’s how the Privacy settings should look in macOS Mojave’s Safari.

Safari Privacy Settings
Safari Privacy Settings (Mojave)

And here’s how the Privacy settings should look in macOS El Capitan’s Safari.

Safari Privacy Settings (El Capitan)
Safari Privacy Settings (El Capitan)

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How to activate Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac

Activating Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac using the built-in online activation wizard seems to be broken. You enter your Product Key, you click the “Activate” button… and you get a message about the activation server being unavailable and a recommendation to try again later. You try again later and it still doesn’t work.

There was an error

So you try the “Activate by Phone” option. Activating by phone sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. If it doesn’t work for you, try calling Microsoft Sales & Support and telling them you’re trying to activate Office 2011 for the Mac. The Microsoft Sales & Support person will ask you to read off the Activation Code that you see when you clickgive you a very, very long number, which you can type into the boxes in the Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac activation wizard, and that should take care of it.
Office 2011 for Mac, Activated

Here’s the number that’s worked for me.

Microsoft Office Sales & Support phone number

Another option: call Microsoft’s general support number (1-800-936-5700) and say “Office for Mac Activation Department” to the robot that answers. That will get you started down the right path.

There’s a chance that things still won’t work. The reason for this could be that you’ve moved Office 2011 for the Mac to a new machine, or to a new hard drive. For example, if you decide to replace your hard drive with something better– I like the Solid State Drives (SSDs) from Crucial– you’ll be asked to activate Office 2011, and in that case, you’ll never be able to… because each installation of Office is “keyed” to the hardware it’s originally installed on, and that includes the hard drive, and the Activation ID and Confirmation ID will only work on that particular configuration. In that case, you have to get rid of the Office registration files that remember what the original hardware was, and then reinstall, and then enter your Product Key, and then– finally!– do the “Activate by Phone” method.

This link from Microsoft tells you how to clear out those older registration files.

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